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Meet the owner, Rachael below

Hello, Hi & Welcome

I am Rachael (@Sew.Totally.Me), owner of Sew Totally Me. I am a Environmental Sustainability Management Consultant, mother of one, fiance of another and fabric shop owner.

I am a self-taught dressmaker who stumbled across this love for everything sewing and fabric last year, 2020, during the global pandemic. Gemma, was herself dabbling with making clothes for her son and I thought it may be fun to also give it a try, this was June 2020 when I had taken on increased responsibility at work whilst also looking after my 18month old son at home. For me sewing was a bit of very imperfect creative time for me. I would admire my wee one wearing his imperfect hats and dungarees in the knowledge he didn't care and I had made them. 

By Christmas, I was feeling adventurous, I had dabbled with some very beginner friendly Tilly and the buttons patterns for my own wardrobe and so I decided to make my mum a top which just about broke me, but I had made it. By spring I had got my Sew-Jo back and decided to chronicle my sewing journey as I committed to Instagram challenges and my own sewing dedicated Instagram account. I tentatively dipped my toes in #frugalfrocks ran by @TheYorkshireSewGirl and @Frugalisama and was overwhelmed by the community support and kind nature of the hosts. 

I dipped a little more ... entering a competition for a chance to win some fabric... I won!

This was Lemons of Troy Crepe De Chine, a simple sliding doors moment. The fabric arrived. It was love.

The excitement I felt for this fabric, the story I felt it could tell in an outfit. The reminiscence it gave me of my Great Aunt B, I had never realised that cherishment I had before for a hobby. Something so simple, something just mine but stirred a creative side of me I didn't recognise, but I wanted to become so much more familiar with. 

This new found appreciation continued for some months after, where the fabric could quite literally sing to me off the website page on my laptop. The fabric stash grew and so did my passion for it.

By June 2021, I had gone through a tough time, using my sewing as a comfort and switch off from the pressures of trying to be superwoman; Full time working professional and main breadwinner, full time attentive, patient, perfect mum, fiancé and householder, daughter and pet lover. Doing it all with enthusiasm and a smile... it soon faded. I hit rock bottom. I was in a place that looked incredible on paper but in reality I was drowning in my own high expectations and it seemed like non of it was true to me... but a few things were.

My son, my fiance, my pets... my sewing... and so... Sew Totally Me was reborn as a fabric studio.

In those tougher days I felt the sewing community offered solace, when things go wrong; its learning not failure and when things go right its your achievement, and nobody can take that experience from you and the sewing community celebrates that with you. 

Sew Totally Me is built on this foundation. It is built on celebrating your learning and achievements, getting involved and providing the same for others.

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